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Welcome to Rajasthan Trails, we are one of the leading tour operators and travel agents in the region of Rajasthan. Rajasthan is the land of Rajas and Maharajas. Here you will enjoy the grandeur and whimsical charm of the impregnable forts and palaces, exotic wildlife, simmering golden deserts, breathtaking lakes and many other attractive things. It is situated in the North Western part of India. This state has abundant wealth of attractions and different colorful cities like Jaipur which is famous by the name of Pink City of India, Jaisalmer which is known as the Golden city of India, Udaipur known as the city of lakes and also Chittourgarh whichn is famous for its grandeur fort. Here you will also enjoy flora and fauna conserved in some important wildlife reserves like Ranthambore, Keoladeo Bird Sanctuary and Sariska.
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Like Camel Safari, Horse Safari in Rajasthan is one of the best ways to experience the royal grandeur of Rajasthan during your travel. Known as the 'land of kings', fearless warriors and beautiful women, Rajasthan is also famous for its forts, palaces and templeswhich are a reminder of the glorious past. Kingdoms were carved and established by the Rajputs warriors on horseback, while swords were stained with enemy blood. 

Horses were highly priced and a Rajput warrior would give anything to own a good horse. Great care was taken to breed horses and to keep a clean and pure lineage. The result of many years of dedication and hard work helped create breeds like the Marwari, Kathiawadi and the Sindhi, each having its own distinct characteristics and bred solely for the purpose of war. These horses were noted for their stamina and fierce loyalty to their masters.

Today, tourists on Rajasthan holiday can have the pleasure of riding through trails dotted and marked with cenotaphs and tombstones of many brave and valiant Rajput warriors. Trails which take them through villages, pass huge and ancient forts and temples. Nights can be spent in ancient palaces and Garhs (small forts) now owned by the descendants of those glorious Rajput rulers. These palaces not only provide modern amenities but cultural programmes and entertainment is also available. Evenings are spent at campsites which are splashed with colour in the form of local folk dance and music.

Before embarking on a horse safari in Rajasthan, tourists are advised to wear boots and a hard hat. Breeches or jeans are comfortable. Evenings are cold and pullovers and jackets are essential. During daytime the glare of the sun can be quite harsh, so sunglasses are advisable. So, if you are game to explore the Thar Desert and world's oldest mountain chains - the Aravalis - Rajasthan travel on horseback offers a great area for adventure activities. 
The thrill and excitement of Jeep Safari in the deserts of Rajasthan are unparalleled. Jeep Safaris are one of the fastest ways of surveying the colorful Thar Desert. Not only will you come across stark desert landscape but you will also pass through quaint little desert villages and by embarking on a Jeep Safari you are provided with a lifetime's opportunity to explore the hidden charms of some of India's most remote and colorful villages. Rajasthan is replete with ruins of forts, temples, wildlife and tribal dominated areas all of which can be explored through a Jeep Safari. Some of the most popular Jeep Safari routes in Rajasthan are Bikaner, Jaisalmer and Jodhpur.

As you embark on the adrenaline pumping Jeep Safari in Rajasthan, you are transported to a whole new world of stark and desolate landscape full of breathtaking sand dunes and every now and then you come across tiny villages, which are a riot of colors. You travel in the daytime and cover approximately 150 kms. on an average every day. Bear in mind that most of the time you will be traveling on off-the-beaten-path roads which are not very well developed and often you even venture into the countryside.

But do not worry as you will be provided with an expert navigator with years of experience under his belt and well versed about the various desert routes. We have a fleet of modern and old antique 4*4 jeeps, depending on your budget and preferences we can use a vehicle. We can also use modern vehicles like Pajeros, land cruisers, or Ford Endeavour’s for this kind of group.
One of the exhilarating adventure in India is Cycling through out the lonely desert of Rajasthan. A bicycling cruiser through a medley of village will wear you out but leave you imploring for more. Cycling offered by us are just awe-inspiring, full of fun and help you to expand your horizons in this challenging along with the opportunity to explore the country side of Rajasthan.
Desert safari includes Motorbikes Safaris that come as an extravaganza in the desert. The Bike Journey is a recent introduction and is an absolute thrill for everyone visiting the desert. Bike ride is kept for 14 days and the journey starts from Ranthambore National Park. Take motorbike safari tours and while on the bike, it becomes a fascinating experience as it is a real interaction with nature and locals of Rural Rajasthan. The bikers get the opportunity to have close encounters with the locals and so can have a deeper understanding of the people of Rajasthan. On the way there is a lot to see, learn and explore about the countryside, the tradition of people along with sightseeing of rural Rajasthan with occasional halts at several places.

Riding a bike through the countryside of Rajasthan is an exhilarating way to travel and witness the rural aspect of Rajasthan. The journey starts from Ranthambore National Park, one of the major and famous Tiger sanctuaries. Abandon your bikes for sometimes and enjoy a jeep side inside the sanctuary. 

Bike routes can be modified on guests request, Rajasthan Trails will arrange for bikes, tents, food, helpers, cooks guides, back up vehicle etc to make the tour comfortable and safe.

India is the original homeland of the Asiatic elephant. Jaipur has a long & along & colorful association with elephants. Huge mountain like male elephant chosen for their size and beauty of trunk, tusks tail and ears, were procured for the exclusive use of the maharaja in royal processions the maharaja sat on a gold and silver howda placed on the back of the most favourite elephant. No festivals, no formal occasion, no religious rite, no wedding would be complete without a row of gaily decorated, well caparisoned elephants.
Elephant safari can be arranged on the outskirts of Jaipur, where desert and forest alternated in a landscape of contrast. The beautifully decorated elephant awaits with decorated wooden howda over them.Mahouts (handler) wear red turban and white cotton suite. They are very experienced driver. Each elephant carries two persons.

Elephant Safari at Amer to Naila or Kanota village

Amer –Naila (18 KM)  – Kanota ( 12 KM )

Amer- nai nath temple – Jajolai village school – and pond =rambagh road- cattle trading centre open only on Saturday- on ramgarh mode on naila road (9 km from naila) langiyawas village – pass through dry river – shiva templ can see – dhani at agriculture field – ramyanwas right for naila bagh – naila village 0 see the fatehgarh naila- magnificent building was constracted in 1875 thakur of naila – prime minister of jaipur state. See the village and rural health centre – kanota dam and kcountry villa – galta road- Sisodia rani ka garden – jaipur

NAILA EXCURSION: Naila is 15 kms from Jaipur. It is a small replica of Jaipur with similar gate names like Chand Pol and Suraj Pol, a Chandra Mahal like in the Jaipur City Palace and also broad streets with squares. The village is rich in culture and handicrafts. Naila is well known since President Clinton’s visit on 23 March 2000. He visited the ladies co-operative and the Rural Health Centre at Fatehgarh Naila. magnificent building was constracted in 1875 thakur of naila – prime minister of jaipur state

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