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Welcome to Rajasthan Trails, we are one of the leading tour operators and travel agents in the region of Rajasthan. Rajasthan is the land of Rajas and Maharajas. Here you will enjoy the grandeur and whimsical charm of the impregnable forts and palaces, exotic wildlife, simmering golden deserts, breathtaking lakes and many other attractive things. It is situated in the North Western part of India. This state has abundant wealth of attractions and different colorful cities like Jaipur which is famous by the name of Pink City of India, Jaisalmer which is known as the Golden city of India, Udaipur known as the city of lakes and also Chittourgarh whichn is famous for its grandeur fort. Here you will also enjoy flora and fauna conserved in some important wildlife reserves like Ranthambore, Keoladeo Bird Sanctuary and Sariska.
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Mirvana Nature Resort

Escape from the hustle and bustle of your daily routine and enjoy a delightful stay at Mirvana Nature Resort, which offers the tranquility of greenery within an otherwise harsh desert. Situated in Sodakore just 55 Kilometers from Jaisalmer, Mirvana Nature Resort is a perfect get away from your hectic professional life and you can surely look forward to spending some time here and experience nomadic desert life at its best. Besides organic meals, farm fresh dairy and poultry products, guests can also enjoy Camel safaris through the dunes with a picnic lunch as well as interact with the vibrant village community.


The Serai
Opening this month,The Seraijust outside Jaisalmer is a new tented camp that brings six star luxury to an area usually associated with camel herders and mud huts. Jaisal Singh founder of Sher Bagh and director of Aman-i-Khas in Ranthambhore National Park has built 21 huge tents on a 100 acre estate.
It’s about 30km away from Jaisalmer’s beautiful golden fort and is the perfect place to take camel rides out into the Thar Desert. The spa by world renowned Raison d’ Enter also a major attraction so we ‘ll be heading out there soon to try it out and will let you know all about it on this blog.


Rohet Garh, Rohet
With a great sense of pride and pleasure I introduce Rohet Garh – our ancestral home since 1622 AD. Bestowed upon the first amongst our kin Thakur Dalpat Singh I for his exemplary courage and bravery in numerous military campaigns under the banner of the Rathores, Rohet became one of the most important Jagirs (fiefdoms) of the state of Marwar.
Generations of noblemen have graced and cherished this home that over time has come to be revered. It has been a silent witness to the progress of our family for four centuries. It has stood by us steadfast through the highs and the lows; it has protected us and given us shelter. Above all it has given us our identity. In January 1990 we opened its gates to receive the discerning traveler. To share with him our heritage, and give him a glimpse of our land with its brilliant colours, where culture and tradition are deep-rooted and vibrant & its people - so deeply civilized! Today Rohet Garh is a leading Heritage Hotel, where the experience goes far beyond the high walls of the Garh (Fort). It is home first and Hotel after… And you - our honoured guests


Karohi Haveli Udaipur
The Karohi haveli was built in 1820 A.D. as  residence of Karohi noble family and recently converted into a heritage hotel to offer royal hospitality and the experience of the Haveli lifestyle. It is run by the Karohi family and benefits both from an excellent location on Lake Pichola and friendly service. 
The specialty of the Haveli is its traditional Rajasthani architecture and the huge area covered by it. It has lush green lawns which are huge and beautiful and offers a breathtaking view of the surroundings. Each room has a wonderful view of the lake and a terrace with beautiful panoramic views of the City Palace, Lake Pichola, Havelies, Temples the Old City and also Lake Swaroop Sagar. You can request a boat ride on the lake or cultural performances with a little advance notice. This Haveli is well designed and located on the top of a hill which is very peaceful & pollution free. It fronts onto Lake Pichola near the Hanuman Ghat and is directly opposite the magnificent shoreline of City Palace, Lal Ghat and the old city. It is comfortable, clean and elegant. It is conveniently located for shopping and restaurants as well as internet access shops etc, yet is tucked away around a corner which gives a feeling of tranquility! Although the rooms have been modernized they still keep traditional features that characterize Rajasthan.


Roop Vilas Palace Nawalgarh
Hotel Roop Vilas Palace is a Heritage Hotel spread over 20 acres of greenery situated in Nawalgarh in Shekhavati Region (Rajasthan-INDIA) at a distance of 1 km from the Bus Stand and 54 kms from the railway station. The Heritage hotel is managed by the Royal family giving guests a taste of Royal Hospitality and heritage charm.Shekhawati district is now famous for its frescoed Havelis and gets visitors from all over the world to marvel "Museums" spread across the region.
Nawalgarh is the best point to access the entire region either on a horseback on by Jeep. Shekhawati is popular with guests for Horse Safaris it offers.
Guests can also enjoy Jeep Safaris, Village Visits etc. Colourful Shekhawati villages provide an excellent photography opportunity for capturing sights and sounds of Rajasthan. Accommodation: The Roop Vilas Palace Hotel has 15 suits/ Deluxe Rooms, 6 Standard rooms and 03 luxury AC tents. Each room is decorated with old heritage style, frescos and stone paintings on the walls. Every room has a traditional Jharokha with the coloured glass windows. All bedrooms are looking out over the 20 acre landscape comprising agriculture farm and a rural setup in the surrounding.
Fateh Garh, perched on a hill forgotten within the very heart of Udaipur is yet blissfully away from the familiar drone that one travels to make distance from; what today many would call serendipity of sorts! Delivered from the Urdu word from victory 'Fateh', and 'Garh' or fortress in Sanskrit, Fateh Garh is really an invitation to penetrate our gross exterior selves and explore the much hiding recesses of our interior being, considered 'true victory' in Eastern thought.
This interplay of the male and female aspects is found more obviously in the spaces referred to as the Mardana Mahal, bold and exhibitionist - traditionally, the palace of the gentry; and the Zanana Mahal, intimate and delicate - traditionally, the palace of ladies. On advancing to the wondrous inverted palace, which is really a mirror images of the Mardana & Zanana Mahal, we realize a harmonious intermingling of the yin and yang energies that gives the interplay a whole new dimension



Devi Garh just outside Udaipur in Rajasthan is a spectacular palace hotel and is one of India Beat's favorite places to stay. Until the 15th of October they are offering a special deal for India Beat guests: pay for 2 nights stay for 3. Devi Garh's location just 40 minutes from Udaipur's Lake Pichola is a perfect place to stay if you are looking to relax for a few days after your holiday around Rajasthan. We stayed there in April and had the most wonderful time walking in the countryside and taking full advantage of the gorgeous pool and spa. Due to the nature of our business, we are in a position to negotiate significant discounts with the various hotels,which are among the cheapest offered in the country.

Our room at the top of the palace had a stunning marble 4 poster bed and unbelivable views over the lush green valley. We took a day trip to go shopping in Udaipur’s markets and had lunch at the City Palace overlooking the Lake Palace. On the way back to Devi Garh we stopped at the incredible temples at Eklingji for the evening service, an experience not to be missed.


Hotel Diggi Palace, Jaipur, is a heritage property situated in the Pink city of Jaipur, also the gateway to the historic north-western frontier province popularly know as Rajasthan. Since this was the province which was the only entry to the rest of the sub-continent, all the invaders and plunderers had to pass through the same, hence, the historic background with fortified battlements and lots of chivalry and history.
Like in other civilizations, this north-western frontier state has had its share of fragmentation and had lots of small kingdoms and smaller units known as "Thikanas". The administration was conducted by the head known as "Thakur Saheb". To ensure the smooth running of his "Thikana", the Thakur came to Jaipur to pay his allegiance and to interact with the Maharaja on various subjects such as finance, defense, budget, taxes etc.The Town Houses came into existence during or about the time Jaipur was built i.e.

1727 AD and one such dwelling of The Thakur of Diggi is Hotel Diggi Palace. "Diggi House" now called Hotel Diggi Palace has been the city seat of the Thakurs of the Diggi Thikana. Ancient principality of Diggi is located 75 Kms. from Jaipur towards the south-westerly direction. Originally a bagh (Garden Retreat situated just outside the walled city of Jaipur), for the family, the house and its surrounding environs, with the lush green gardens were used for holding the darbar whenever the thakur was here to preside over the administration of "Diggi Thikana". The main building and its surrounding bagh as well as the fountain was constructed by Thakur Sahib Pratap Singh Ji of Diggi.
Shahpura Bagh ,Jaipur

India Beat loves the new pool at Shahpura Bagh, we visited this gorgeous heritage hotel last year and had a fantastic time with Sat, one of the brothers who owns the place. He showed us round the family farm and took us up to their ancestral fort for drinks as the sunset. The traditional rajasthani food, served in the palace and eaten with the family was always delicious. The hotel is set in lovely gardens and a huge lake, one of hundreds in the area, was swarming with birdlife. Over 180 species are know to live around Shahpura Bagh, many of them migrating from the north for the winter months from November to March. The huge gardens were missing just one thing, a swimming pool, and now it's finished. The infinity pool has lots of space to lounge in the sun as well as some pretty pavilions to seek shade under when you want to have lunch. The hotel is ideally situated between Jaipur and Udaipur and is the perfect place to spend a couple of days in rural rajasthan

Ramathra Fort ,

Ramathra Fort is a heritage hotel set deep in rural Rajasthan, it's one of our favorite places in India and is run by Ravi Rajpal and his wife Geetanjali. Ramathra remains completely untouched by the outside world and the surrounding countryside is thick, wild forest. Originally set up as a tented camp inside the boundary wall of the 17th Century fort, a section of the main palace has now been renovated as extra guest rooms. We loved Ramathura Fort because of the amazing walks through the countryside, visiting temples and villages along the way. Ravi has a brilliant knowledge of the area, it's people and it's abundant wildlife. One day he led us through the forest to a gorge with a wonderful temple built into the cliffs, we followed the river at the bottom downstream to a spectacular thundering waterfall. Back at Ramathra Fort we had drinks by the open fires followed by a hearty Rajput dinner of lall mass, a kind of lamb curry, which was great fun and absolutely delicious. We can't wait to return to see the new rooms shown in the picture below.

Udai Bilas , Dungapur

The Place: Dungapur, 2 hours drive south of Udaipur in Rajasthan What's it like: A superbly quirky and occasionally kitch palace beside a lake in a very remote part of Rajasthan. Rooms have bags of character, the service is impressively old school, as is the tasty indian food. What we love: The birds and other wildlife on the lake, the magnificent frescos in the old palace nearby, the charming staff, the wonderful dinning room and the feeling that this is still a home and not a hotel.


KAILRUGJI, has 22 newly built, fully furnished double-bedded air-conditioned rooms with European style baths. All rooms are equipped with multi-channel color TV, work desk, closet and direct dialing facility.At Kailrugji the owners and staff want you to feel completely at home and provide a number of services aimed at making your stay here as pleasant as possible. Every evening the owners join the guests for dinner in the cafe LOCATION:Just off the main commercial street of Jaipur - MI Road - Kailrugji is located centrally in a quiet residential area.12 kms from the airport and 1/2 km from the bus and railway station. may need

Gajner Palace, Bikaner

Hotel Gajner Palace is owned & managed by the HRH group of Hotels. The palace turned Grand Heritage hotel holds a world record of being largest (in terms of area) hotel in the world. The palace is situated on the banks of the Gajner Lake. It is built by red sand stone & is indeed a fine example of the great Rajasthani architecture. Spread over 6000 acres, the palace is a 30-minute drive from Bikaner. Gajner Palace was built on the banks of Gajner Lake by Sir Ganga Singhji, one of the greatest Maharajas of Bikaner, in the early decades of the twentieth century. Gajner Palace was used as a hunting resort by the former Maharajas and visiting British dignitaries during the days of the Raj. During the reign of Maharaja Ganga Singhji, this palace was used for grand shoots and lavish entertainment. Christmas season was often celebrated with prearranged duck and Imperial Sand Grouse shoots. Royalty, both, National and International, Viceroys and other dignitaries were invited on this grand occasion. The red sandstone palace is distinguished for its architectural grandeur and luxuriously appointed suites and rooms. The greenery at Gajner Palace, lawns and the chirping of birds and peacocks make it a truly memorable destination for leisure and corporate travellers.

Jawahar Niwas Palace, Jaisalmer

Within this ancient city, Maharawal Shalivahansinghji, 39th ruler of Jaisalmer initiated the building of a new palace in 1899. The resplendent elegance of Jawahar Niwas took final shape under successor. Maharawal Jawaharsinghji. The graceful, dusky gold sandstone palace typifies Rajput architecture, while the wealth of intricately carved jharokhas and chhatris are a tribute to the craftsmen of the region. As the royal guest house, the palace has hosted royalty and British viceroys. The first prime minister of India, as well as the first president have both stayed here. Today, under Maharawal Brijrajsinghji, 43rd head of the royal house of Jaisalmer, Jawahar Niwas opens its doors as an exclusive heritage hotel. Experience the gracious lifestyle of a bygone era: the romance, glamour and mystique of regal India, enjoy the warmth, the hospitality and the natural charm that is much a part of the people as their history and traditions.

Mandir palace, Jaisalmer

Jaisalmer, with its fairytale-like sandstone Fort rearing out of the desert outpost, is famous for its rich and elaborate 'havelis', erstwhile mansions of the wealthy merchants that conducted a brisk and very profitable trade while Jaisalmer was on the caravan route. WelcomHeritage Mandir Palace is one such haveli where the exquisite stone carvings make it second to none. The main portion of the two centuries old WelcomHeritage Mandir Palace was built during the reign of the late Maharawal Jawahir Singh. This Heritage Palace offers a unique combination of medieval charm with modern amenities.24 well-lit, airy, palatial, air-conditioned rooms and suites elegantly furnished with period furniture.

Pal Haveli, Jodhpur

The Term haveli describes the traditional Indian mansion or Courtyard house, a large Family residence built around one or several Central Courtyard, with external walls rising directly against public streets. Pal Haveli, located centrally in front of the clock Tower on the main street in jodhpur, Rajasthan was built by Thakur of Pal in 1847. The house has been inhabited by the Nobel family for more than 150 years. Pal haveli has Fascinated western guests since 1887, when Edwin Lord Weeks Sketched the Pal's Thakur Residence for Harper's Magazines. Now Pal's Haveli welcome another generation of honored guests to Pal Haveli. Pal Haveli is a living Heritage Project, a place in time and space in which traditional life style and hospitality meets modern amenities and an international perspective. The only "living" haveli hotel in Jodhpur the privatPal haveli is still occupied by the family of Thakur Bhawani Singh, who's Wife, Sons and Daughter ...Despite decidedly Contemporary educations...still live to a great extent the traditional Nobel lifestyle to their ancestors. The main entrance from the street level leads guests to the largest courtyard decorated with ornate pillars, antique doorways , and frescos which are expended and refreshed to commemorate family milestones, the most recent being the wedding of daughter Purnima to a Nobel man from Jaipur. In Jenana, or family Quarters, the family still sleeps on Woven cots with silver legs, moving the low beds on to the terrace on evening when the weather permits, and rising with the gentle breezes at Sunrise. The Mardana, or Social Section, Contains the most ornate Rajput architecture, Including original stain-glass windows. Elaborately painted pillars, and displays of Rajputs Artifacts and weaponary. All efforts have been made to preserve the historical identity and integrity of the haveli despite its modernizing environs


Built in 1920, by Maharaj Ratan Singhji of Raoti, a royal from Jodhpur and one of the finest horsemen and polo players of his time, Ratan Vilas with its imposing yet delicately carved exterior and elegant interiors is a genuine heritage edifice in a sylvan The mansion, reminiscent of the romance of the bygone era, has been converted into a hotel by Maharaj Bharat Singh, the grandson and R.K. Brijraj Singh, the great grand son of Maharaj Ratan Singhji, with the exception that it still continues to be their residence as So, whether you are in the drawing room amongst fascinating old photographs and family portraits or unwinding in the casual surroundings of the courtyard; Whether you are savoring the traditional delicacies in the dining room or relaxing in the garden under the soothing shade of a seasoned Neem tree; At Ratan Vilas you will soon find yourself getting accustomed to a lively atmosphere and the legendary Rajput hospitality In a nutshell

Rawla Jojawar, Jodhpur

We humbly welcome you to our home; Rawla Jojawar is created after lovingly renovating the old fort which has always been home to a stunningly beautiful boutique hotel. Here generations of our family have lived since 1780, where the patriarch Thakur or Chief in their position as garrison commanders of this border town of Marwar with Mewar - both ancient kingdoms and often bitter enemies, once guarded the volatile border and collected custom dues on the trade. We Nagendra and Amit Vikram brothers and descendants of the illustrious Thakur Shyam Singh ji of Sonegra Chouhan clan who in the year 1808 had lead the Chouhan Contingent of the Jodhpur forces to successfully repeal an attack on the Meharangarh fort during the war with the combined forces of Jaipur and Bikaner. After attaining martyrdom right at the gates of the great fort in the battle, Maharaja of Jodhpur, Man Singh ji doubled the land grant of Jojawar fief as a gallantry award, to the brave leader's sons. Titles and other benefits followed and the family and the small economy of the then village Jojawar boomed, making it a sizable town of the County. His memorial was built where he feel in battle right outside the Fort and can still be visited today. Our Rawla - literally meaning the abode of the local chieftain, is a small fort in the middle of the very scenic town of Jojawar . We opened as a hotel in the year 2001which our family owns and operates. It's our labour of love, and lots of different people besides our family have come together to make Jojawar a destination and not merely a place to stay. Inspired by our father Rao sahib Maharaj Singh ji our endeavor is to connect more and more people and communities living in the country around Jojawar, in isolated homesteads and hamlets and are living a dying lifestyle and practicing old professions like sheep and camel herding, but with a culture so varied and colourful that it would have been a pity to see them change. We have been successful to a great degree to encourage them to continue to live on there and carry on their ancient ways by sharing the profits of one of our major attractions - Jeep and Horse rides into the country.

Dev Vilas, Ranthambore

Welcome to Dev Vilas, your abode during your visit to Ranthambhore National Park. The inspiration behind this venture is my mother Dev Kumari, to honor the strength and confidence instilled in me by her, the building is named Dev Vilas that means, "Abode of Dev".Set in three and a half acres of land, the building in Indo-Saracen style takes a cue from the Shikaar or hunting lodges built by the Maharajahs. It follows the traditional architectural lines, inspiring romance and adventure and is located nearest to the entrance of the National

The Bagh, Bharatpur

The Bagh is a heritage hotel set in 12 acres two hundred year-old garden in Bharatpur Rajasthan, it is located just four hours away from major destinations such as Delhi, Jaipur and Gwalior. The Bagh offers visitors an opportunity to experience quiet luxury near Keoladeo Ghana National Park, one of the most famous bird sanctuaries in the world. The hotel's twenty three rooms are located in three different residential complexes. A restaurant, banquet hall, coffee shop, library and a gym, all situated in a verdant orchard, allow guests to enjoy solitude and companionship in restful indoor and outdoor spaces. Each of the Bagh's twenty three rooms is unique. Spacious bathrooms, luxurious fabrics, fine furnishings and the amenities of modern technology let the weary traveler retreat and recoup after a day of sightseeing and bird watching. Gulmohar, the main restaurant, specializes in the wonderful vegetarian cuisine of the Braj region. An ayurvedic massage or a lazy swim at the fully - equipped gym can further soothe and exhilarate the body and the mind. With over fifty species of flora, including fruiting trees and flowering plants which attract birds, small animals and insects, guests can enjoy quiet walks in the garden and commune with nature. The handsome buildings made in local stones are designed to merge with their natural surroundings. Works by contemporary Indian women artists are displayed throughout the complex. A stroll through the Bagh's garden and buildings leads a visitor through the realms of nature and art.


Once the private hunting preserve of local nobility, Nimaj is now home to Chhatrasagar, an idyllic tented camp set on a low dam overlooking a reservoir. Chhatrasagar's owner hosts guide you into the heart of rural India, with jeep safaris and walks, bird watching and heart warming home cooking.


Manvar Desert Camp provides an unsurpassed experience of Rajashan. Nestled in the desert, with close proximity to the bush and wilderness, experience the aura of the desert, in the comforts of large comfortable camps set up exclusively for you. You stay in large Selous style walk - in - tents with private verandahs and full en-suite facilities.

Ajit Bhawan Palace Resort

The Ajit Bhawan Palace is the residence of the family of the Late General Maharaj Ajit Singh, younger brother of the late ruler, Maharaja Umaid Singh of Jodhpur. Built at the turn of the last century, this stately home served as a residence that attracted Princes and Statesmen, Artists and Hunters, an electric mix of the interesting & the mundane - all drawn its true essence of Rajput hospitality

Tree of Life

In 64 acres of grounds, the boutique Tree of Life Hotel, Kandy is next to the Lord Buddha Statue, 15 minutes drive from Kandy. It is a perfect location for those wishing to escape the stresses of life with its mountain top pool and rolling lawns. Rooms are cosy and practical with private balconies overlooking a green courtyard.

Samode Haveli ,Jaipur

The Place: On the edge of the Pink City in Jaipur the capital of Rajasthan. What's it like: A former palace and home to the Samode brothers who have restored and updated this beautiful haveli. Groups are banned so it never feels swamped. The pool is the best in town and the authenic rajput architecture in the rooms, delightfully atmospheric courtyards and charming staff make this a great hotel. What we love: The sensible and affordable price of the rooms, the beautifully decorated heritage suites and the excellent pool. What to avoid: Peak season when it's tricky to get a room (although India Beat can usually work something out) and coming in an organised group as they are completely banned.


This small Palace hotel, set amidst 15 acres of lush green lawns, was built over 250 years ago by Sawai Jai Singh of Jaipur for his favourite Queen - Maharani Chandra Kunwar Ranawatji. Raj Mahal Palace has hosted celebrities like Queen Elizabeth II and Jacqueline Kennedy.
Restaurant: The Restaurant of Hotel Raj Mahal Palace serves Indian, Continental and recipes of Rajasthan.


Acknowledged as The world's best heritage hotel the "Raj Palace is a Grand heritage hotel and the member of Small Luxury Hotels of the world. We were voted as the World's Leading heritage hotel" by The World Travel awards consecutively for three years 2007 - 2010. Among the India Hotels and Jaipur hotels The Raj Palace is recognized for its unique product as it is one of the only Places lived by the Maharajah that has been restored to its original glory and charm, We are situated at Rajasthan in India in the pink city of Jaipur, a city known for many historical places like the Hawa Mahal, the Jantar Mantar, the City Palace, the Amber Fort, the Rambagh Palace, the Jai Mahal, the Albert Hall Museum, as well as many other forts, palaces, castles, and haveli's with very rich heritage and architecture.

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