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Welcome to Rajasthan Trails, we are one of the leading tour operators and travel agents in the region of Rajasthan. Rajasthan is the land of Rajas and Maharajas. Here you will enjoy the grandeur and whimsical charm of the impregnable forts and palaces, exotic wildlife, simmering golden deserts, breathtaking lakes and many other attractive things. It is situated in the North Western part of India. This state has abundant wealth of attractions and different colorful cities like Jaipur which is famous by the name of Pink City of India, Jaisalmer which is known as the Golden city of India, Udaipur known as the city of lakes and also Chittourgarh whichn is famous for its grandeur fort. Here you will also enjoy flora and fauna conserved in some important wildlife reserves like Ranthambore, Keoladeo Bird Sanctuary and Sariska.
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Arts & Crafts

Carpets first began to be manufactured in Rajasthan when weavers from Afghanistan started to settle in the royal ateliers in the 17th century. Ever since, they have flourished here, with their high-spirited colours and geometric motifs finding their way into showrooms across the globe. Naturally they are available in the bazaars at a price much lower than they command in stores overseas.

The traditional designs of carpets of Rajasthan follow dushala, charkona, mehrab and shikar patterns. Otherwise the designs are slanted towards the Indo-Persian. The carpet in Indo-Kerman design made in Rajasthan has ivory or cream as the background colour with floral design all over or in the center.


Handmade Paper is variety of recycled paper but it is not manufactured by any paper mill.

In fact Handmade Paper is more environment friendly than other recycled papers because it is 100% wood free and it is recycled from cotton fabric leftovers churned out by garment manufacturers.

All the paper are solar dried and it have elegant and exquisite surface for writing and printing. Use of Handmade Paper helps in saving trees thus contributing to healthier environment.


To begin with Blue Pottery originated in Persia and came into vogue in Rajasthan during the times of Maharaja Ram Singhji who patronized this novel art. Distinctive materials like quartz stone were used to bring in the desired effect. Blue color mainly residues of (oxide of cobalt) and green (oxide of copper) were used to bring in the vibrancy of the objects. Nowadays even shades of yellow, dark blue and brown are used. Floral prints arabesque motifs and animal figures are the predominant themes interweaved in the articles. Ashtray, flower pots, lamp shades, jars are some of the best buy from Rajasthan bearing the hall mark of blue pottery. There was a time when Blue Pottery was vanishing from Rajasthan. But recently the art has been revived by late Gayatri Devi erstwhile queen of Rajasthan

Check out the many markets of Jaipur for Blue Pottery objects. It makes for some interesting souvenirs. Moreover the prices are reasonable enough but still a hard bargain is called for.

Jaipur is the home of glazed Blue - Pottery which has its origins in Persia. Its distinctive feature is that no clay is used. The blue - pottery articles like flower vases, pots and jars, surahis, lampstands and even doorknobs, are decorated with traditional and arabesque motifs of animals, birds & flowers and are a shopper's delight.


Rajasthani handicrafts are richest in India.

It is quite known for its exquisite handicrafts. Depicting the rich culture & tradition of the state, beautiful handicrafts of Rajasthan keep their exclusivity. Handicraft of Rajasthan is an add-on of attractions of the state.

Travelers and tourists love to see and purchase exquisite handicrafts while on Rajasthan tours. Exquisite handicrafts of the state proudly depict the masterpiece creativity of the Rajasthan people.

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